Staff Defeats Students 51-50 In Pre-Spring Break Thriller

The student versus staff basketball game is one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year. Find out how the students fared against the staff in 2018.

Staff Defeats Students 51-50 In Pre-Spring Break Thriller

On March 29th, the students and staff of Waukesha South poured into the field house to witness the annual student versus staff basketball game. Unfortunately for the students, they saw their team get edged out by the staff 51-50 in an epic pre-spring break showdown.

The student team consisted entirely of seniors, including several varsity basketball players such as Armoni Brown and Juan Lazcano. The staff team was obviously made up of teachers and administrators, or as commentators Mr. Schreier & Mr. Larsen described them, “a bunch of old people.” The game started out a bit rocky with the student team somewhat struggling to score their first points in the opening minutes. There were numerous moments of awe as both students and staff alike netted 3s, made audacious drives, and executed various skills. As reflected by the scoreline, both teams fought hard to score points and keep the lead.

However, it is safe to say that the staff team was consistently a step ahead. They kept a slim lead, but a lead nonetheless over the students for the majority of the game. Despite this, the students continued to fight hard and even had some instances where they were able to tie the score. Even the introduction of Raeshaun Harrington and his red Supreme basketball sleeve into the game seemed to boost the overall morale of the team and the students in the stands as they cheered the seniors on.

But in the end, it wasn’t enough. The “old” yet experienced staff won the game as the student team fell short of drawing level in the dying moments of the game. But regardless of the winner, the game was a fun way to kick off spring break. Even members of the losing team had only positive vibes about the entire experience.

“Everyone was just really excited, which made the game even more fun... I was just really excited to play my man Goetsch and of course Darling and Loose! But my favorite was hyping up Amy’s head and Klaire and Raeshaun hitting 3’s...ohhhh and Juan almost crossing Goetsch.” - Armoni Brown

In the end it was all fun and games and both students and staff had a great time at the event. However, the staff best be aware that the next batch of seniors have been watching and studying their tactics in order to turn the tide and take home the win in 2019.