Why the new tardy policy?

A new tardy policy is now in full effect, a big change from the past. Mr. Fisher met with The Blackshirt to provide reasons for the change.

Why the new tardy policy?

As everyone adjusts to their new classes, teachers, and schedules, there is a new tardy procedure that will take some getting used to as well. The procedure no longer allows students to arrive late to class without a pass; students are now required to stop at the front desk in the lobby and obtain a pass. Each tardy is then recorded by the attendance secretary. Along with the no backpacks policy, the new attendance desk in the main lobby and an updated tardy procedure has made adjusting to the new school year more difficult than anticipated for some students.

The Blackshirt spoke with Associate Principal, Mr. Fisher, about the unfamiliar tardy procedure. Mr. Fisher told The Blackshirt that this change helps record absences and tardies more accurately, and it puts less stress on teachers when students come late. He also mentioned that there are no parents upset about the procedure, but there have been a number of students upset about missing class time. The administration is planning on meeting with a few seniors to get the students' point of view in order to understand what is working and what may need to change. The amount of tardies has gone down since the beginning of the year, and tracking the amount of tardies will allow the administration to look for patterns and fix problems like habitually tardy students. This procedure is new to the staff as well as the students, so the whole thing is a learning process.

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Many students are unhappy or confused about this procedure. Looking at things from the perspective of a member of the administrative staff can help students understand why this procedure is in place. It's also important to remember that administrators are ultimately trying to help students receive the best education possible. Even though you may not agree to the new changes, remember there is a reason for them, and resisting change will ultimately make things more difficult in the long run.