Fantasy Powderpuff

Powderpuff is an annual Homecoming tradition at Waukesha South, and this year you can participate in the Blackshirt Fantasy Powderpuff Competition!

Fantasy Powderpuff

Link to Blackshirt's Fantasy Powderpuff Competition

Link to Live Scoring for The Blackshirt's Fantasy Powderpuff Competition

Powderpuff is an annual tradition that high schools across the country participate in as part of Homecoming celebrations. Typically, girls of the high school compete in a flag football game. At South, the teams are based on the four grades: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.

On October 6, as part of South’s Homecoming week, four teams will meet on the gridiron to determine which grade wins the 2021 Powderpuff competition. Seniors will face freshmen at 6:30, and juniors will take on sophomores at 6:55. The winning sides will compete for the championship at 7:30.

There are a few differences between Powderpuff rules and regular high school football rules; the most noticeable is that instead of tackling a player the defender must instead pull a flag off of them. To enforce these unique rules there will be WIAA certified referees present, who will make sure this year’s games won’t be tainted by cheating, unlike prior year competitions.

Even if you aren’t able to watch the games, you can get in on all the action with the Blackshirt's Fantasy Powderpuff Competition. The winning entry will receive the coveted Blackshirt Cup.

How it Works

You choose two players from each grade to form your team via this form. Each of your player's performances across all of their matches will contribute to your team's total score.


  1. Catch = 1 point
  2. Catch first down = 3 points
  3. Catch for touchdown = 10 points
  4. Catch for two-point conversion = 3 points


  1. Rush for first down = 3 points
  2. Rush for touchdown = 10 points
  3. Rush for two-point conversion (3 pt)


  1. Throw for first down = 2 points
  2. Throw for touchdown = 5 points
  3. Throw for two-point conversion = 2 points


  1. Recover a Fumble (5 pt)
  2. Interception (5 pt)
  3. Interception returned for Touchdown (10 pt)
  4. Tackle (1 pt)
  5. Sack (3 pt)

Special Teams

  1. PAT Made (5 pt)
  2. Field Goal Made (10 pt)
  3. Kickoff returned for a Touchdown (10 pt)