Your brand is arguably the most important aspect of your TikTok career because the one that you choose depicts how you look, how you act, and what kinds of TikToks you post. There is a large range of brands to choose from, and although it’s best to focus on one when you start, there are many opportunities for people to venture out into other styles. Listed below are some of those potential brands and what they entail.

  • E-Boys and E-Girls: People who prefer a darker aesthetic in their TikToks, such as dark clothes, lighting, music, etc. Common features of E-Boy and E-Girl TikToks are the black and white filter, (chain) jewelry, heavy makeup/eyeliner, hair dyed black or various colors, and layered clothes which are mostly, if not entirely, black.
  • Soft Boys and Soft Girls: People who prefer a lighter aesthetic in their TikToks, have light colored clothes, lighting, music etc. Soft Boys and Soft Girls wear small jewelry, lighter makeup with a lot of blush, and outfits with a lot of color, usually graphic t-shirts or patterned button downs tucked into blue jeans.
  • Country Boys and Country Girls: People with a way of life not easily achieved. These TikTokers are typically adorned in flannels, boot-cut jeans, baseball hats, and cowboy boots, usually with some type of camouflage mixed in. They also love their trucks, ATVs, and hunting.
  • VSCO girls (no VSCO boys currently): Girls who always have scrunchies and other various bracelets on their wrists, shell necklaces, birkenstocks or vans, messy buns, oversized t-shirts, and most importantly, a Hydro Flask.
  • Comedians: People who make short skits or jokes, occasionally including satire. The joke usually comes from the music playing over it, but the humor can also come from the inserted text in the video or commentary on what the TikToker is saying.
  • Artists: People who focus on a certain talent, whether it be dancing, singing, drawing, painting, gymnastics, etc. These TikToks can be funny, but the talent is a key part to the humor, which is what differentiates this type from the comedy TikToks.
  • Dancers: people who replicate or create their own short dances to music. Each song has its own routine that dancers follow with little variation. Dance trends don’t last long before another trend comes up, but they are really popular and easy enough for just about everybody to learn, with some practice.
  • Talkers: People who record themselves talking about various topics. Again, these people can be funny, but the way they tell stories is what differentiates them from comedians. Usually, talkers have pleasing voices to listen to, but that is not a requirement so much as a perk.

Keeping those brands in mind, just remember to have fun and if fame is ever achieved, don’t let it get to your head. Good luck!